Brazilian Mist
Brazilian Mist
Brazilian Mist

Brazilian Mist

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Quick Detailer + Technology

Brazilian Mist's unique formula allows anyone to use after a vehicle wash or to wash the vehicle. With Waterless Technology, encapsulate dirt and have a flawless finish. Effortless results by simply spray, wipe and done. Perfect for those who live in water restriction areas that want a professional finish.

  • Cleans, Waxes, Polishes, Glosses, Seals & Masks Micro Scratches
  • Safe on Clear Coat, Wraps, Matte & Carbon Fiber
  • Waterless Technology Formula
  • Hydrophobic & UV Protective Properties
  • Anti-Static & Dust Repellent
  • Clay Lubricant
  • Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable
Brazilian Mist

Customer Reviews

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I own a waterless car wash business and I've tried over 10-20 different waterless washes. This hands down is the best one. The smell is amazing, the lubricity is top notch, the gloss is unbeatable. If cleaning in the hot sun I recommend using a moist towel on first wipe fot less streaking.

Gary Dixon
Best Carnauba wax I've used !

I and my wife, love this spray wax ... easy to use ... easy to apply and easy to remove ! Also helps remove bugs and road tar too


Very happy with the results after using 360 on my vehicles. Gave the vehicles that extra shine. A+++

Mark Amador
Best Product Hands Down!!!

My car is a 2016 Mustang GT. The first car show ever attended was sponsored by 360 Products. I was give a free bottle of Brazilian Mist at the show, and the rest is History. ONLY PRODUCT to ever touch the paint on my car ever since!!! I do also use Extreme Appeal on all of the Interior and Rubber components. 360 is my everyday Car care product that I will always use!!!

I am on my 5th Gallon of Brazilian Mist at this point!!

Luis S. Angueira
Excellent product

In October 2019, I went to the Back To The Future activity at the Petersen Ca Museum and received a sample bottle
of Brazilian mist. I use it to clean my DeLorean when go to Auto shows and found that is an excellent product.
I am the Puerto Rico DeLorean Club President and highly recommend this product. I am going to buy a gallon.