About Us

The History

360 Products goes beyond the creation of 360 itself or any of the products. The individual who is responsible for inventing these premium products has more than 35+ years of detailing and knowledge. With decades of information you can trust that we have the products and knowledge you are looking for.

The Process

360 Products does more than deliver great results. We manufacture, bottle and label our own products from start to finish. Purchasing raw quality ingredients is crucial to a strong foundation and is the only way premium products should be made. By accomplishing these tasks it insures the consumer that results will be the dominate outcome when using 360 Products.

The Mission

360 Products is a company that goes beyond being in the business of creating car detailing products.  Our vision has been to combine our passion for cars and product knowledge with empowering our community specifically the youth. Currently we are working on bringing back more of the hands on learning experience to our local high schools. We will be leveraging our 35+ years of experience in the detailing industry to build a curriculum that will help guide and provide support for those students that want to have an alternative choice after high school. Thank you for all your support and for giving us permission to be part of your family garages, car shows, classrooms, storage area, back seats and trunks.

Waterless Technology

By definition, the term Waterless Technology means "lacking or destitute of water". 360 Products engineered a product line that requires no water to clean any transportation vehicles.We did this to accommodate for the drought in California and to give those who have no access to water the ability to clean their vehicle. Our products are infused with the Waterless Technology, water-base products insure the traits of being biodegradable and eco-friendly. High quality California Compliant ingredients and lastly all of our products have a pleasant aroma. Waterless Technology is what makes 360 Products truly stand out and most importantly, to push the technology globally which can ultimately bring a positive impact to the eco-system.